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Christmas Apple TreesLyla guerrilla Christmas tree decorating at Lambeth North
Location: London Rd to Westminster Bridge Rd London SE1 Guerrilla Gardening / Decorating: Friday 24 December My local guerrilla gardens are in a state of post-snow shock, plants are stunned to see daylight, loose the insulating blanket of their white shrowd, and feel the pressure lift from their leaves. We wait for nature to step in and  recover them, so with little to do for the plants it was time  to put out some festive cheer for animals and passers by:  apples hung from ribbons on the trees. So Lyla and I did a short Christmas eve walk with pockets of British Cox decorating our local trees, including our guerrilla Christmas tree at St George’s circus, and our cherry that’s actually coming into bloom, a most peculiar site. It’s not just  guerrilla gardeners who surprise but the plants do too. Autumn flowering cherry in bloom and fruit
London Road guerrilla apple food Christmas decoration
Documentary: Broadcast 16 November 2010 Over the last couple of months I have been  making a documentary with Mike and Toby  about guerrilla gardening, pointing them towards proud and out guerrilla gardeners across the  UK and beyond, and even to one of our most vocal yet misunderstanding critiques! It’s a  fantastic profile of the wide range of people  and passions within this loose movement and  it plays with your sympathies for against us
throughout . Listen to ithere.
another perspective watch Navid Khayati-Daryan's documentary. He met me last summer, joined the Swindon guerrilla gardeners and interviews Steve Wheen
a pot hole guerrilla gardener.View it here.If that's not enough, well check out a report from
the Los Angeles GGs.Mr Stamen and Roly Poly's radio interview ishere.
Berlin's shifting frontsI added a few tulips to this sorry pavement planter nearby
Location: All over Berlin, Germany Guerrilla Gardening: Friday 5 to Sunday 7 November 2010 This was my fourth visit to Berlin, and this time the shifting fronts of guerrilla gardening, urban gardening and associated gentrification are plain to see. This inspirational hot-bed for guerrilla gardening is as alive and as changeable as the  Rosa Rose
gardens. First an update on Rosa Rose. The thriving and
capacious original location on Kinzigstraße had almost gone last time I visited in 2009 but now it was bleaker than ever as the intended new flats only covered half the land - almost any kind of use of the land would be better than  this stalemate of compacted mud. Rosa Rose moved to  Jessnerstrasse, a few blocks east, away from the advancing  front of gentrification sweeping along Karl Marx Allee in the west. The location is the edge of a playground and the plot is legitimate. This is not a guerrilla garden like the first Rosa Rose, but the form is familiar: loose boundaries, a  relaxed assortment of edibles and ornamentals and young spiral garden made from discarded bricks. A bold pink sign proudly stakes claim to the land and even on a wet winters day it lifts the spirits.  Spiral garden at the new Rosa Rose garden, and red cabbage
Zellen 'Life Science Urban Farming' venue filled with a mobile allotmentRosa Rose Guerrilla Garden as it looked in July 2007
Richard Reynolds in the shadows by Anja KriegerRosa Rose Read More
 My purpose for being here was participating in ‘Life Science  Urban Farming’. I was on the panel discussion sitting amongst an enormous mobile indoor allotment that had come from  The Rose Rose garden in 2011
the thriving new urban farm at Prinzessinnengarten. Marco
and Robert created this urban farm on derelict land where a circus had previously been resident, incorporating the exotic dung into raised beds to grow vegetables. It’s been a popular initiative, hence this installation, but the cranes of development stalk the edge of their Princess St space  much as the cranes are stalking my own Princess St in  Guerrilla gardening tree pit in Berlin
London's Elephant & Castle - our shared street name twins
our shared context. I went to visit the garden the next day, but because it had almost all been wheeled into the theatre there was little to see through the fence except to appreciate the scale. I planted a little ‘twinning’  tulip in one of the overgrown street planters outside the  garden.
One of many pimped pavements, some guerrilla and some legitimate
 My inspection of the city continued by bicycle to the  abandoned airport of Tempelhof, where the runway sprouts grass and bumblebees are described as the new flight
attendants, past sporadic blooming 'pimped pavements',
floral murals and into the fancier areas where there is less  guerrilla or unconventional gardening to be found. Instead I came across an abandoned palette of perlagoniums,  dumped on the pavement just waiting for repatriation in a growing space. I found space for them in a tree pit just west of Alexanderplatz where they’ll bring a bit of colour  for a little longer than where I’d found them and mark an opportunistic advance of guerrilla gardening back west. In find these plants left abandoned on the streets
The old runway of Tempelhof city centre airport is reclaimed by nature. In 2017 this will become an international garden festival.I like these city warning signs
City of Smiles
Aarhus is known as City of Smiles, no wonder our guerilla gardening went down so well there.Eco village architecture in Denmark
Location: Teaterhorvet and Skt Olufs Gade, Århus, Denmark Guerrilla Gardening: Monday 11 October 2010 A turf roofed home at Friland
Kaos pilots invited me to DenmarkWe got guerrilla gardening too
We prepared for the dig by heading toFriland, an ecovillage whereUrine enriched grapes
turf-clad homes nestle next to urine-fed vine glass houses (truly delicious) and lawns are decorated with ‘urine art’. We dug up a a couple of beech saplings and harvested  some willow cuttings. Four hours later I was pushing a  shopping trolley around Århus leading a group planting four new patches, willow cuttings into a scrappy bed on the edge  of a small park, crocus bulbs at the base of a hedge outside  the old Nazi Gestapo head quarters, pansies into a bed at a  pavement strip and best of all turning a square of empty  ground next to a little theatre into a place for our saplings,  more bulbs and lavender. What was guerrilla gardening very quickly progressed to a legitimate improvement when a man came over to enquire what we were doing. He was a local businessman and chaired the group responsible for the patch we were transforming. He seemed a little sheppish about the sorry state we had found the land in, but was both bemused  and approving of what we were doing. There’s aRichard preparing willow cuttings
video here
Outside old Gestapo HQ AarhusGuerrilla gardening with willowThe man responsible for the local area ponders our guerrilla gardening action
International Tulip Guerrilla Gardening Day 2010
Guerrilla gardening Tulip planting at the Elephant & CastleGuerrilla gardening tulip planting

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