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This page contains links to websites that in some way are related to guerrilla gardening. Included are online homes for guerrilla gardens, support groups and activists and a few rather spurious pages that might appeal anyway. E-mail me if you have a suggestion to add or just post a note about what you are up to in the Community forum.
In 1977, when a group of 48th Street New Yorkers noticed tomato plants growing out of the debris from the empty lot that had laid vacant and abandoned for over 28 years, the idea of a real garden began to germinate. With additional encouragement from city sanitation workers, in 1978 the Clinton Community Garden was born.
Clinton Community Garden
The term guerrilla gardening was coined by the Green Guerillas* over thirty years ago. These days they have grown into an organised movement to encourage the participation of the public in cultivating their city in less undercover ways. (*Yes, they choose to spell Guerrilla with one R).
Green Guerrillas

France's dynamic new guerrilla gardening group
Guerilla Gardening Paris

Southern California Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardeners in Belgium
Brussels Farmer

Busy guerrilla gardening group since 2008
Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening

Scotland's leading guerrilla gardening group
Glasgow Guerrilla Gardening
Guerrilla gardening in Italy, including reports of public beautification projects in Milan, Turin and Rome.
Guerrilla Gardening Italy
Julia's tri-lingual guerrilla gardening website in German, English and Spanish.
Gruene Welle
Guerrilla gardening in The Netherlands.

Public Space are the leading guerrilla gardening group in Canada. Based in Toronto guerrilla gardening is "graffiti with nature". As well as gardening they optimistically plant signs encouraging passers by to keep the ground watered.
Public Space

Fallen Fruit not only make the most of the urban landscape by planting it with productive fruit trees, but they also harvest fruit that grows in public space... guerilla farming that is.
Fallen Fruit

Guerrilla gardening in Edmonton Canada.
Edmonton Guerrilla Gardening

You have heard of Seed Bombs. Well here's a Seed Gun. Swords Into Plowshares have made these from red clay powder, compost and a mixture of seeds.
Swords Into Plowshares

In 1906 Lewis H. Berens wrote a detailed account of the first recorded act of guerrilla gardening, that of Gerrard Winstanley and The Diggers on 1 April 1649. You can read this huge book online at The Project Gutenberg..
The Digger Movement in the Days of the Commonwealth
Making use of waste space in Dublin, this group are using it to grow vegetables. Their vision is of a social space for engaging the local community and part of an unbroken greenway through the urban fabric of Dublin City.
Dolphins Barn Gaarden and Community Gardens
Sean (2350) is a blind guerrilla gardener. He has been digging up paving stones and planting his street for years. His displays are so impressive people take diversions to walk down his "24 Hour Drive Through Garden".
Watch a video of Sean
Making a big gesture about reclaiming car parking space for relaxation and gardens are the widely publicised REBAR. It looks great, but this is more about kidnapping public space rather than caring for the orphaned land most guerrilla gardeners care about.

Lots of great advice on how to make the most of seeds - harvesting, storing, swapping, growing. A really great resource for any gardener, particularly the shrifty guerrilla.
The Seed Site

A community of seed swappers in Brighton and Hove. Seeds exchanged from local plants are more likely to be naturally adapted to local conditions and it also maintains a diversity that the big seed companies do not accomodate.
Seedy Sunday

Heather treasures all plants that have fallen upon hard times by finding them a new home. That does not just include Wayward Plants like seedlings but even weeds uprooted from pathways.
Wayward Plants

Throughout history those caught up in conflict have turned to gardening. This report from NPR tells more.
Defiant Gardens

In Santa Barbara California guerrilla gardening is taking root, notably with this blog of reflections on squatting, struggles over housing and place, life in the global "slums," land occupations, guerilla gardening, hobo and traveler culture, and anarchism.... among other things..
In This Life Like Weeds

A lot of people have asked me about the origins of Guerrilla Gardening. My research has led me to the Big Apple, where it seems the term was first coined in the 1970s. You can read more about it at the New York City Gardens website.
New York City Gardens

Guerrilla tree planting is happening, but of all the horticultural options for a guerrilla trees are a tricky one. If you need help planting trees in the UK do consider trying these people.
Tree Council

Back in 2000 those mischevious anti-capitalists baked up a new angle to excite the media. Rather than smash up multinational retailers they talked of covering cities with plants. It didn't catch on because this rabble didn't have the patience to nuture a plant. But the BBC picked up on it and tagged it as Guerrilla Gardening.
BBC News April 2000

Age Concern, a UK charity, helps put keen gardeners in touch with elderly garden owners, so that they can look after their garden. This is a link to the project in South London.
Age Concern Gardening

This lot gather a network of organisations and individuals who care about sustainable food with the aim of increasing the availability of sustainable food in London
London Food Link