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Compiled across three pages are profiles of many different guerrilla gardeners. They were compiled in the early days of this website as a cross section of inspiration that came my way, mostly sent to my inbox, sometimes in person.

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Those documented on these pages are a fraction of the amazing people I have heard from and met in the many years since, some of which are documented elsewhere. And of course many more I've never heard from or met.

Today it is so much easier for people to share their own stories than it was then and for others to find them. But many guerrillas are shy, and with good reason. Their love is the garden, they have no need to share, no inclination to seek an audience and sadly perhaps a little fear of the consequences of doing so. Some of the most inspirational guerrilla gardeners I have met subsequently emerge from within an audience when presentating a guerrilla gardening slide show to a horticultural club gathered in a village hall. Out comes a tale, typically from a most most committed and accomplished gardeners who just couldn't resist spilling their activity beyond their boundaries. It never crossed their mind to share more than this. It's always a priviledge to hear about another and I always encourage people to share their story, to help normalise what we do and to inspire others.