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Fight the filth. Grow guerrilla gardens

Guerrilla Gardeners at Woodbury Down near Manor House planting a herb garden
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Naomi leads guerrilla gardeners in Amhurst Road, Hackney.
Guerrilla Gardening in Stoke, Plymouth.Guerrilla Gardening in Stoke, Plymouth.
Guerrilla Gardening coverage from around the world Summer 2006.
Washington PostEveThe IndependentThe Big IssueRise
Kate Muir (1508) Guerrilla Gardening at St George's Circus.
Guerrilla Gardening in Knightsbridge
Razed to the ground by TFL
Guerrilla gardener stopped by police and searched like a terroristGuerrilla gardening at Charles Allen House, Amwell Street
Thank you card from a disabled pensioner
Planting a Christmas Tree in St George's Circus, Southwark
Guerrilla Gardening at BBC Springwatch Live event on London's South Bank
Guerrilla Gardening at Perronet House, Elephant & Castle
Guerrilla Gardening at Perronet House, Elephant & Castle
Joe Swift Troop 971Guerrilla gardening goes to the Chelsea Flower ShowWight's Lavender in the Pavillion
Gorilla Gardening at Chelsea Flower Show by ZSL
Stratford Guardian Guerrilla Gardening Vicarage Lane.  Click to download a PDF

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