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If you would like to support Guerrilla Gardening you can do so in several ways. All our activity is funded by donations from individuals.

1. Donate plants or gardening materials. Get in touch with a guerrilla gardener near you by visiting the Community or leave a message on the message board nearest to where you live. You can also leave a message in the Facebook group. If you live near SE1 London get in touch with me direct and we can arrange collection. E-mail

2. Shop at We have lavender pillows, tool bags, coats and books for sale, all of which raise funds for more guerrilla gardening. Visit the shop.

3. Donate cash online. I have set up a PayPal account for Guerrilla Gardening which enables a quick, easy and secure online payment. All donations will only use funds for buying plants and you are welcome to specify exactly what you would like your donation to go towards. Make a donation by clicking on the link below. Thank you.