The donations page has now closed. There was a time when I was able to facilitate the reuse of spare plants, and much of what thrives in the guerrilla gardens of South London comes from healthy but discarded plants from private gardens, kindly offered to me. I used to accept donations over PayPal with requests, and planted a lovely lilac at the request of something from New Hampshire. But if you are keen to help in some way here are some ideas:

1. Consider using those spare plants you have to become a guerrilla gardener yourself! E-mail

2. If you spot a guerrilla gardener at work (or for that matter someone who has permission but is volunteering in public space) then ask them if they need any help, whether that's materials, a cup of tea or cash. Whilst out guerrilla gardening I've been offered a delicious meal in a restuarant (in Vauxhall), a fity euro note (in Munich), a fiver (in Elephant and Castle) and countless invitations to 'come and sort out my garden' (declined for 15 years, then lockdown struck and I needed the work!)