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Fruit bushes on the move from orchard to traffic islandAdvancing across the guerrilla garden
Location: Stamford Street London SE1 Guerrilla Gardening: Sunday 19 September 2010 For a few glorious months orchard has existed
few streets away from our guerrilla garden on a traffic  island just south of Blackfriar’s Bridge. The Union Street  orchard was a very legitimate but still very alternative creation  of guerrilla gardener Heather 1986 and many others, and as  its dismantling beckoned permanent homes for the plants  needed to be found. I offered to re-home a trolley load of  fruit bushes, blackcurrants, raspberries and blueberries.  So late on Sunday afternoon a group of us gathered, and  while the purpose was planting fruit the main effort was a  Lawn edging in progress
jolly decent weeding and a seasonal roll-out of the string- and-peg lawn edger I bought from a W.I. meeting. And we got buckets of water from the neighbouring pub thanks to Holly the kindly barmaid. Guerrilla gardening just south  of Blackfriars Bridge is such a pleasure now as the traffic  island matures but also because pedestrian traffic has, for  the time being, been redirected away from the Thames’  South Bank footpath and past this bed instead. So there’s  plenty of opportunity for conversion to the cause, sun- flower seed distribution from our fading crop and for us to receive a few bemused words of encouragement. Two hours gardening was followed by a return to the site of the dismantled orchard where Drew took charge of a BBQ. Fetching water from the pub
BBQ and DJing earlier in the year at the orchardSeed bomb workshop
Harvest Time for the guerrilla gardening lavenderOur 2010 'Liberty' London Lavender Pillow for Guerrilla Gardening org
Clipping back the lavender that we planted here over four nights in March 2006. Click for video
Location: Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 Guerrilla Gardening: Saturday 14 August 2010 The fourth annual guerrilla grown lavender harvest was a battle against the elements, a dodge against torrential rain clouds which would ruin our precious crop if we cut them damp. So you might imagine a frantic hacking would be  necessary in such circumstances but this is quite impossible when chopping such a fragrant and soporific plant. So we  glided through three hours, unperturbed by the approaching storm clouds, and successfully escaped a soaking. Thanks to Freshly harvested lavender
members of Kennington Gardens Society who showed up in force. This year's fund raising pillows are being made in
partnership with Libertyand a few are already on sale in
their shop made from the remnants of last year's crop. To know when online sales resumee-mail me
Eric of Cobblers Nest sharpens our shearsMy trolley laden with post harvest pruning and one of the old collapsed cabbage palm
Location: All around London Guerrilla gardening: 1 May ‘10 Explosion: August 2010 Back in May more than 6,000 Guerilla Gardening Sunflower Day
people joined our event to sow
sunflowers anywhere. Some we left to fend for themselves, others nursed with buckets of water. Some perished, some triumphed and now I’m keen to find out what happened to your sunflowers. Here’s what  we sowed on walks from the  Elephant & Castle district in  London. Please upload your  Amongst the poppies and euphorbia at Millbank near Vauxhall Bridge
pictures to Facebookand Flickr
Guerilla sunflowers on a giant mound of rubble in a giant empty lot on the New Kent RoadSteedman Street guerrilla sunflowers
Tree pit at Lambeth North and Nr Vauxhall BridgeSt George's Road sunflowers and Denmark Hill (self seeded from 2009)
On The Road - John and Joanna sweeping the edge of the A1 at SandyGuerrilla road sweepers
Location: The A1, London to Sandy Passing by: 26 July 2010 A busy weekend on the road, but  not for me one for much gardening because instead it’s a busy time for  talking about it and spotting it. First
at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park (I resisted the urge to
add something to their fine borders) and then the Secret Garden Party festival to give a sermon. En route I spotted a couple beavering away sweeping the kerb of a busy junction Did you plant these triumphant perlagoniums?
on the A1, just the kind of random action in public space that stops me in my tracks in fascination. I pulled over to ask them about it: John and Joanna have been sweeping here for years “because the council don’t and it’s hardly worth asking”. I thrust some spare sunflower seeds into their hands in the hope they’ll progress onto even greater acts. And there were more surprises to spot on the return to London, some incongruously planted perlagoniums growing around the base of two trees on the verge of the north circular. Room for more!

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