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Lots going on, lots to blog here and share, but as ever the balance between blogging, gardening and talking about gardening is a challenge... so in between updates below do check in to my  regular Twitter feed with lots of news, photos, suggestions and directions to what I’m up to and
hear about on the guerrilla gardening fronts. Follow me
Location: Elephant & Castle, London SE1. Guerrilla gardening: 25 May 2010 It’s the world’s most famous flower show this week, a spectacular five days in Chelsea that has become a rather mischievous trick on the spectators who go to admire the  ‘gardens’: it is really just a great big short lived flower arrangement and as artificial as a plastic pot plant (one of the most lauded Elephant and Castle Guerrilla Gardening Flower Show
gardens last year was plastic)! Meanwhile  elsewhere in London there’s another flower show that’s more long term and has no  entrance fee, nor sponsorship, and some of  Click here to read more about these guerrilla gardens in the Evening Standard
it has been created from the discarded plants of previous Chelsea Flowers Shows (thank  you RHS). Credits to the hundreds who  have helped over the years with their time, tolerance, determination and donations.
London Road GardenWestminster Bridge Road guerrilla garden
Allium and cow parsley at St George's CircusLondon Road garden
Sweet williams and euonymusPyretherum and sunflower seedings in St George's Road tree pittree pits
Bolted cabbages, ceanothus, lavender, photiniaAllium, rose, curry plant on London Road
Wallflowers and aubretia on the North RoundaboutTree pits in Westminster Bridge Road and Princess Street
May Day 2010. Richard and Lyla join Maria in Parliament Square to plant sunflowers, peppers and strawberriesThe finished guerrilla garden
International SunflowerLocation: All over The World Guerrilla gardening: 1 May 2010 More than six thousand guerrilla gardeners across the planet planted sunflower seeds today, and nowOffenbach, Germany
Guerrilla Gardening Daythe photos are coming in of where they have been sown and who the guerrilla gardeners are. This is just
6038 confirmed gueststhe start, there’s now the adventure of seeing which sunflowers make it to full bloom. (It helps to make sure the patch looks tended and to  water and weed if necessary). Let the sunflower season commence!Guerilla gardening
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Portland, Oregon, USA, Gdansk, Poland and Bronshoj Denmark
Edinburgh, Scotland and London England
Montreal CanadaOnly one minor incident to report  so far: Lyla’s all-female guerrilla force were stopped as suspected terrorists after they alerted the  suspicions of MI5 (inevitable perhaps given their sunflower sowing was taking place within view of the spy HQ’s windows)Groningen, Netherlands
Hainult EssexCleveland, Ohio, USABrussles, Belgium and Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Washington DC, USAVanessa Harden and Sam Varney's seed encrusted flyer and Potters Bar Hertfordshire UK
Coimbatore IndiaSeedbom
Copenhagen DenmarkGlasgow Guerrilla GardeningScotland

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