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E100 from a passer by!
Location: Rosenheimer Strasse, Munich, Germany Guerrilla gardening: Saturday 20 March 2010 The fourth stop on my epic train ride to spread the guerrilla gardening message was Munich. I had been warned by other cities, ‘oh they’re very staid in Munich, it‘s all about the money there,’ but I was more hopeful of a good reception. I knew of a newNight club venue for guerrilla gardening slide show and discussion
Munich Guerrilla Gardeninggroup led by Ella von de
Haide who I had met three years ago guerrilla gardening in Berlin. So after Ella, Silvia from GreenCity and I talked on guerrilla gardening in the Muffatwek night club Ella led about a third of the audience on a guerrilla gardening mission including a contingent of men with white fluffy beards who calls themselves the Guerrilla Gardening Elves! Everything was ready, a bike trailer was full of box hedge and tools and so we proceeded to dig up a scrappy verge and plant them. By coincidence, at this very moment another crowd filled the streets too:  the elderly affluent set of Munich, all heading home after an evening of classical music  at the huge Gasteig concert venue adjacent to our pavement. And so we struck up conversation with a few of them and far from being disapproving, they were of course delighted and one even  handed Ella a one hundred Euro note in appreciation! I’ve never seen such a rapid conversion.
Location: Grindelberg, Hamburg Visit: Friday 19 March 2010 My audience for the slide show was a traditional respectable gardening club, and I’ve come  to learn that there are always guerrilla gardeners amongst them even if they didn’t realise it, andDe Tour: Hamburg Guerrilla Hamburgers
Hamburg Guerrilla Gardeners
their discovery of being part of a very loose global movement usually brings a nervous laugh.  Hamburg didn’t disappoint, not only did I discover guerrilla gardeners but also amongst the
crowd was Mark Krieger, a friend of a friend I had turned toyears agofor plant identification via
e-mail to Zürich! Early the next morning I went for a drizzly walk through the suburbs looking for some of these guerrilla gardens and found one in a huge housing estate off Grindelberg. It followed the classic form of a small community garden - twisting paths, recycled materials, handpainted signs and an unconventionally satisfying hotch potch of different plants (or you could  say ‘kunterbunt’ in German) most of which were just coming out of their long winter dormancy.
Kunterbunt Guerrilla snow dropsSunflower seed sowing in Hamburg
De Tour: Essen Primulas At ProustRichard Reynolds guerrilla gardening in Essen
Talking on guerrilla gardening in the book shopLocation: Akazienalle, Essen, Germany Visit: Thursday 18 March 2010 In Essen I was the guest of local gardening author Dorothée
Waechter and the bookshop Proust butthe welcome party was
a press pack of TV and press cameras and a stash of primulas, pansies and kholrabi (yes, a bizarre combination). So after the talk we got gardening in the scrappy shrubbery of the shopping precinct where we were based, illuminated by the blaze of eager media. I learnt from the locals that there’s lots of potential in  the city but that there’s also actually a scheme in place for them to adopt a plot and take it on from the city with permission -
Beforethey call it ‘garden godfathers’ (read more about it here). But  despite that it seems the guerrilla approach might work here
Location: Old Street, London, , EC1V Guerrilla gardening: Sunday 14 March 2010 This corner of Hoxton is on a crossroads, literally but also in time between the shabby old Hoxton  and a shiny new one. But until that time there’s  the broad pavement-side flowerbed litter heap to  be pimped. It’s Heather’s side of town, and she  Pimping In Hoxton
runs so everything we planted
was reclaimed. I picked up an old Christmas tree from a local who’d offered it to me earlier in the  week and Heather salvaged three rubbish bins of  Phormium from the soon to be demolished Market  Estate. These were added to the lavatera from last year and the buddleia which happily planted itself  there before we began guerrilla gardening here. Guests came from all over: Gabe, a guerrilla in  Guerrilla Gardening
Paris, Ruth visiting for the weekend from Preston
and her friend Krystian. You meet all sorts of  people guerrilla gardening, it’s a great conversation starter, and this evening Ivan joined us from the  pub and even Vivienne Westwood and her friend,  who were enjoying a glass of wine outside, offered words of encouragement. Perhaps we could have done with her design advice too, but we figured out some quirky Hoxton style from what we had.   Gabe and Heather carry the bins of Phormium from their temporary storage in a nearby community garden
Clearing litter and afterRuth and Ivan plant the Christmas tree
Punching holes for draining in the base of the bins which we left two Phormium inTom's Christmas tree arrives

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