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Tree Wardens in CalcuttaThe Telegraph
Alsion Cutts interviews Richard Reynolds and other Guerrilla Gardeners for You and Yours on BBC Radio 4.Radio 4 Link
Christmas trees are planted on St George's Circus, SE1.
Malcolm Everton upsets Oxford council with his guerilla gardening.
Daily Telegraph
Richard Reynolds, Clara Goldsmith, and Joe Taylor improve St George's Circus, SE1 with some lavender.
Richard Reynolds, Lizzie Ambler, Andrew Phillips with the help of Jim Regan guerrilla garden on Tower Bridge Road, SE1.
Southwark Council improve St George's Circus, SE1
Guerrilla gardening at St George's Circus, Southwark.
Guerrilla Gardening of sorts in San Francisco.
Greening Southwark Awards - Guerrilla gardening gets a certificate of nomination.
The plants are growing well at Perronet House.
Birthday cards to Richard Reynolds, the Guerrilla Gardener, received from Lizzie Ambler and Christina Dumphy.
A tramp sleeps in the gardens in front of Perronet House, SE1.
Guerrilla Gardening at Perronet House.
Red Hot Poker and other fine plants, as used by the Guerrilla Gardener at Perronet House.
Vandals leave cans of Dr Pepper in the tubs of Perronet House, runing the guerrilla gardening.
More guerrilla gardening at Perronet House, this time round the back.
Guerrilla Gardening begins at Perronet House, SE1.