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This page includes profiles of guerrilla gardeners from around the world, whatever their  reason or target for gardening without boundaries. Please do share your stories here to inspire others. Click the e-mail button above and send me a short report of what you’ve gardened,  where you did it and some photos too. Also please post your photos in the Facebook group for here and uploadthem to your local Community page (limited file size).

Jerry Guerrilla Gardening with Aloe vera in Brisbane Australia
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Guerrilla Gardening by Andy Beauchamp in Peckham, London
Troop 287
Guerrilla Gardening by Andy Beauchamp in Peckham, London
Troop 271Guerrilla Gardening by Nicola King in Balvernie Grove, Southfields, London
Troop 830Guerrilla Gardening by Tony Rickards near Barton Bridge
Troop 277
Green Guerrillas 1973 New York Liz Christy and DonaldGreen Guerrillas
Brussels Farmer Blogspot
Troop 829Brussels Farmers doing their sunflower guerrilla activity in Belgium
Troop 861 Guerrilla Gardening in Erie, Pensylvania, USA
Troop 588.  Andrew guerilla gardening in the Agar Grove Estate, Camden, London
Troop 815 No Trespassing
Valerie Guerrilla Gardening in Montello Wisconsin USA
Troop 850 Guerrilla Gardening in Hertfordshire
The red tape of guerrilla gardening and getting councils too closely involved
Troop 738 Guerrilla Gardening in Vancouver
Troop 347Day lillies guerrilla gardened in Davenport, New York
Troop 342Erin the guerrilla gardener in Toronto, Canada
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