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Do you live in a war zone? There is neglected orphaned land all over the place.  Pockets of resistance have broken out in some areas as guerrilla gardeners fight back to reclaim this precious resource and cultivate it. If you want to join in you can do this in two ways:
Start a new dig. Take a look at the Tips page on this site
Read what other troops have done on the Troop Digs page, in the Blog and the Community If you want help then post a message in the Community, ideally with a picture of the poor land you have identified. Wait for other people to offer support. Announce a date and get digging. Share pictures and a report by posting in the Community. Or Join an existing cell. Visit the Community and find a board
near you.  There may or not be one. See what is going on.  Others may be looking for support, a dig may be planned, or a project has begun.  You can help. If the board is blank or you cannot find something near you consider starting a new dig. If you would like a new board for your local area to be created in the Community just e-mail me