International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day
May 1 is traditionally a celebration of the first day of summer and natureís fertility. In 2007 guerrilla gardeners in Brussels (a.k.a The Brusselís Farmer) declared it International Sunflower Guerrilla Day. Ever since many of us around the world have planted sunflower seeds in public spaces and fought hard to help them reach towering maturity. Sow on the day or start early - do it for the joy of their incongruous beauty and benefits to wildlife. Sunflower Southwark
Get Planting. 1 You will first need some
seeds. I sow giant yellow ones, but shorter cultivars in other fiery colours are available.New York City
2. Leave home with a bottle of tap water and a small tool for digging (e.g. a fork, trowelBrusselsBrussels
or screw driver). 3. Find some sunny earth in a neglected public patch atLondonGarden guerillas
least 20cm square. 4. Dig a small hole about 2cm deep and drop in a seed.2020 Video
Cover with soil and water. 5 Return to keep weeds clear and water when young.2008 VideoWalthamstow
6. All being well it should bloom by August.Origins
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