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A large collections of videos about guerrilla gardening, including "GGTV" home movies shot
by Richard Reynolds can be viewed at The Guerrilla Gardener You Tube page here:

Six reports about guerrrilla gardening in London, England.
Click on the screen shots to play them.
The Guardian
The Guardian (UK) 'Elephant Attack'
25 April 2008
GGTV 'With My Granny'
21 February 2009
Current TV
Asia Briefing
30 April 2008
Current TV
12 March 2007
30 August 2008
Richard & Judy (UK)
26 January 2006
ZDF News (Germany)
12 April 2006

More reports about other guerrrilla gardening around the world.
Click on the screen shots to play them.

RTL TVI (Belgium)
10 June 2006
Radio documentaries and discussion about Richard's guerrilla gardening.
Click on the logos to play them.
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 2
Night Waves (UK)
1 May 2008
Radio 4
Radio 2
Costing The Earth (UK)
3 August 2006
Jeremy Vine Show (UK)
30 March 2006